Dutch dolmens in proportion

About orientation patterns with Dutch dolmens (in European context)

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General distribution

On the pages D13, D21 and D22 and Dolmens with satelites the orientations 117, 140, 167 and 193 appeared to be found in a pattern more then once. A quick survey of some other dolmens showed that those dolmens don't stand on their own. This justifies a systematical research of the orientations and orientation patterns, but that will cost a lot of time. It hasn't come so far yet. For the time being some incidental findings are presented here.

One orientation pattern doesn't exclude the other. With both D38 and D25 the combination of 167 and 193 goes together with the mutal oriention with other dolmens. Azimuths 167 and 193 could well be the most occuring orientation in Drente.