Hunebedden (Dutch dolmens) in proportion

About orientation patterns with hunebedden (in European context)

Measurement of ground plans

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Holland: Drenthe
Germany: Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen, Mecklenburg
France: Ardèche and Gard
Ireland: County Cork
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NB. The phase indication behind a measurement refers to the phasing of the instruments used. See the page The instruments used. The correction of the magnetic declination was obtained from the website of the NOAA [14.1].

Sprockhoff 965, 966 en 967 onderling

April 2006, declination correction -1° included, measuring phase II
N 52°46.85’ / E 007°49.23’

Sprockhoff 965 is a long barrow containing two small hunebeds. The long barrow is in a bad condition.
By lack of time the measurements were enforced in one direction only and in addation the angle measurements were dropped.

Orientation line Measurement Inclination Distance
From 965a to 966 78½° -½° 61¾ mtr
From 965a to 967 115½° -3° 88¾ mtr
From 965b to 967 117°
From 966 to 967 142½° 79½ mtr